A Place Where Children Discover What's Possible

  • To provide quality occupational therapy services to clients, families, and community

  • To be a model of outpatient pediatric OT services as a ‘rehabilitative clinic’ working with children with motor, sensory and behavior challenges

  • To be a model of outpatient pediatric OT services integrating and specializing in combining the sensory integration model with the more traditional OT rehabilitative model and frames of references

  • To increase a greater understanding, awareness and knowledge (for families and medical professionals in the community) of subtle neuromotor problems (such as Sensory Processing Disorders) and other related learning and behavior disorders (such as disorders falling in the autism spectrum)

  • To disseminate information and facilitate awareness in the community of these disorders and how they impact on growth and development.

Our vision is to create an environment of love, acceptance, and support that enables clients to respond to therapeutic intervention; in order to grow, develop and function at their best.

Our Vision


  1. We, the staff at TSFC, believe that all people, clients, families, and staff have unique gifts and strengths; and we emphasize these to create desire and satisfaction for seeking a sense of mastery and growth and development in their own abilities to function optimally in each of their environments (including the ability to perform self-care skills as well as fulfill their occupational roles).

  2. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and trusting environment to foster growth and change, and to facilitate optimal development.

  3. We strive to provide occupational therapy services which enhance the quality of life and facilitate growth and change for our clients and their families.

  4. We strive to foster joy and self-esteem in interacting with our clients (who are children), and believe all children are good and that we are responsible for assisting them to become their best selves.

  5. It is this clinic’s desire that each and every therapist employed by TSFC develop a reputation for excellent work with utmost integrity to assist each client to reach maximal potential in every day skills as needed to reach the highest level of self-efficacy and confidence.

About Us

Mission Statement