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Getting Started

What Should I Do to Get Started With Therapy?

After receiving a referral to TSFC, Inc., or if you are seeking therapy on your own, please contact our office to schedule your initial consultation at (410) 421-8920. Our office staff will assist you with any questions you may have regarding scheduling and health insurance. You will be asked to complete the Patient History Form, Patient Intake and Registration Form, and Medical Consent Form (see links at the bottom of this page). Please complete the forms in advance or bring them with you during the initial consultation.  

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your child's diagnosis, the reason they were referred for occupational therapy, and your therapy goals. During the discussion, we will take your child into one of our therapy rooms accompanied by one of our occupational therapists. As part of our intake process, we may use standardized assessment tools, clinical observations, play observations, and parent information. This information will help to develop a complete profile of the child and to identify any problem areas that occupational therapy could improve. The occupational therapist and parents/caregivers will work to develop a therapy plan to meet the needs of the child. 

The First Therapy Session

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your child's therapy session and sign in at the front desk. The occupational therapist will meet with your child in the lobby and take them back to therapy. There are lockers in the therapy room for your child's shoes and socks. Therapy sessions are typically 60 minutes in length with the last 5-10 minutes set aside for parent education and discussion of progress in therapy that day.


Please complete these forms in advance or bring them with you during the initial consultation.

Patient History Form

Patient Intake & Registration Form

Medical Consent Release Form